It was on the very beautiful circuit of Portimao in Portugal that the final of the Porsche Carrera Cup France took place on October 23rd and 24th, 2021. Florian was not well enough positioned in the championship standings to hope to win the title, but he had a very important role to play in helping his better-placed teammate in pursuit of the leader and for his CLRT team to secure the driver and team titles.

Free practice started extremely well; exactly like the previous weekend in Barcelona. The two CLRT drivers share the first position of each session. The performances displayed outclass all the competitors, which makes it possible to approach the weekend calmly and positively.

The result of the qualifying session was a little tighter than expected, but it still remains a CLRT front row once again for both races of the weekend with Florian pole position for each. of the two races. The two main contenders for the driver's title qualified in the same position for both races, namely 2nd for Florian's teammate and 3rd for the championship leader.

Following Race 1 and a huge technical and strategic performance by the team, the two CLRT cars finished in the lead with second place for Florian while relegating the other competitors to more than 12 seconds. Before the start of the last race of the season, CLRT therefore regained the provisional lead in the driver and team championship.

In Race 2, after a good start from Florian, the battle took place between the two competitors for the title and ended at the second corner. The clash sends them both to the mat. These withdrawals mathematically froze the rankings. Florian therefore focused on winning hands down the victory of the last race of the season and by the same the third position of the general classification just 15 points from the winner and the big points for the Team which thus consolidates its title.

This weekend closes the 2021 season for Florian. Now it's time for winter discussions to find the best possible program for 2022.

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The ultimate round of the French Championship took place at the Barcelona circuit. The team’s private testing a week earlier got the weekend off to a good start. From the first free practice session the CLRT cars were at the forefront. Posting the fastest lap of both practice sessions, the team and Florian set off in confidence for the qualifying session.

The qualifying practice was led from start to finish by Florian. In this exercise, the two best times possible had to be achieved as they determined the starting places for the two races. Florian managed to secure both poles, ahead of his teammate by a thousandth and 88 thousandths of a second. For the first time this season CLRT has signed a full front row for both races.

After a good start from the competitor who started in third position, Florian finds himself having to defend his place at the first corner. By making this defense his competitor made an error forcing the two pilots to take the loophole which brought out Florian in 6th position. We know how difficult it is to overtake in Barcelona but he still manages to finish this race in 5th place.

During the second race, the scenario of the day before, starts all over again. The same competitor once again got off to an excellent start and brought out Florian 3rd from the first corner. After a hotly contested race for second place, Florian did not manage to overtake and finished 3rd in this race.

Following this weekend of great performance for all the CLRT drivers, the team will arrive with full confidence for the final of the PORSCHE Carrera Cup FRANCE. These last two races will take place on the beautiful Portimao circuit in Portugal on the weekend of October 23rd and 24th.

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This weekend was the last of a long journey in this Supercup championship. This one was a bit special. The Silverstone race on the original schedule was canceled during the summer and thus gave way to a two-race weekend at the Monza event.

The practice session went well, the posted performances are in front post to play good places the following day for qualifying.

This qualifying session is different from the usual format. It was necessary to achieve two qualifying times. The best time determined the place for the first race and the second best for the second race. This qualifying session also had a strategic part in terms of the tires. Usually, the Supercup competitors have two sets of new tires to complete the entire weekend. However, here at Monza three sets were allowed, so a choice of tire allocation had to be made for these 30 minutes of qualifying time. It turns out that the riskier solution with three sets of tires was the best, although Florian only used two, the team still managed to achieve the 7th time for race 1 and the 3rd for race 2.

The first race ended before it even started for Florian. An electronic problem encountered in the setup lap did not allow the car to start. The team managed to change the whole system before the start of the race, but Florian had to start from the pits. He made a comeback of over ten places with the fastest lap in the race, but nothing more could be hoped for.

In race 2, Florian lacked a bit of performance at the start of the race to fight with his competitors. After a few laps he found himself in 5th, from mid-race he regained the advantage in performance despite several attempts on the third he failed in 4th place.

Now we have to concentrate on the home stretch of the Porsche Carrera Cup France. With Barcelona as the next event at the end of September.

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 In the summer series of Porsche Mobil1 Supercup, from September 4th to the 6th , took place on the Zandvoort circuit, a circuit redone to accommodate Formula 1 with slopes and bankings. The stands were packed by Thursday with an armada of overheated spectators. The weather was good all weekend.

This atypical and very technical circuit by the sea, gave a lot of trouble in the search for performance. The constant presence of sand on the track provides very little grip.

Following the free practice session, the results were quite encouraging.

The following day, during the qualifying session, the team and Florian were surprised by the level of grip on the track, which had completely changed from the day before. Despite a good adjustment to the settings during the session, Florian only managed to secure 14th place on the grid. The German teams accustomed to this Zandvoort circuit, notably having participated in National Cup heats, have been able to take a technical advantage.

A race start in the middle of the grid is always difficult, but Florian manages to come back up to cross the line in 12th position. The very high level of the Supercup championship does not forgive any mistakes or small lack of performance.

Florian and the whole team will be mobilized for the final of the Supercup season next weekend at Monza, which exceptionally has 2 races on the program.

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After participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend, Florian had a meeting at SPA on August 28th and 29th. Indeed, Florian has made every race driver's dream come true: to experience the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was Team DEMPSEY-PROTON that offered this opportunity and Florian made the most of it in each of his outings on the track, but unfortunately the mechanics forced the crew to retire after 5 hours of racing. Despite everything, it remains an extraordinary adventure.

Florian took some bad luck with him this weekend to SPA.

The weather was wintry this weekend in the Ardennes, but the free practice session would be the only outing on the dry track. As the name suggests, a free practice session is meant to try out both mechanics and driving. After the summer break, all of the team's cars are in the middle of the timesheet, but that’s irrelevant and we had to do better the next day. On the other hand, more annoyingly, the penalty of 5 places on the starting grid imposed on Florian for not having sufficiently respected the track limits during this free practice session.

The qualifying session started in the rain and after 3 qualifying laps Florian took 3rd place which he would keep until the end. As the rain increased, there was no point in going out to try and improve this performance.

Start of the race therefore in 8th position in the rain. Unfortunately, from the first corner, a driver collides with Florian. He will be penalized immediately but Florian must return to the pit to be urgently repaired and start again without even losing a lap (congratulations to the team). Between the multiple Safety Cars, he will have a series of very good laps, but that will not allow him to return to the points. Despite the penalty, everything was in place to give a good result.

To be seen next weekend in Zandvoort to forget this disaster weekend.

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This weekend at the end of July marked the return of the Porsche Supercup for the 4th meeting which closed the first half of the championship. Despite the menacing weather and thunderstorms, each outing on the track was on perfectly dry asphalt.

Once again, Florian discovered the Hungarian circuit with the new Cup during the Friday practice session. Getting started was quickly effective and the team, which is increasingly proficient in its subject, allows for rapid progress during the session. It will finally be third place after forty minutes for only two tenths.

Saturday is traditionally reserved for the qualifying session should allow confirmation, but nothing is ever taken for granted at this level of the competition. On the first set of tires, Florian is among the best but we know that it will not be satisfactory. Some alterations to the setup and we leave with the second plan. Despite a strong improvement, Florian failed to get pole position. Perhaps a little too apprehensive on the track limits which include a lot of rain this year, it ensures the delicate passages and thus the third place on the starting grid.

Starting from the second line, anything is possible. Florian retains his place in the first corner but a little further into the first lap he finds himself stranded as he was preparing an attack for second place. Another competitor on the lookout took advantage of this and relegated Florian to fourth place. He will keep a position until the finish despite constant pressure on those in front of him. Overtaking on the Budapest circuit is impossible. The end result will be upset a few hours later by the downgrading of a competitor before him. Florian thus recovers the third place on the podium.

This great race put him back in fourth position in the general classification, just a handful of points behind the leading trio.

The next Supercup race will take place at SPA at the end of August to start the second half of the championship, but before, the 3 weeks of holiday promised to Florian turn into an obstacle course thanks to PROTON RACING which has formalized its commitment to the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

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The race weekends continues this time back at the French Porsche Carrera Cup Championship on the Monza circuit on the 10th and 11th July . As is often the case at this time of year, the weather in the Milanese region is very hot but there was no rain this weekend.

The few days of tests carried out by the team in pre-season on this circuit, as well as the experience that has accumulated with this new car has enabled the level of performance to be raised to the top.

The two sessions on Friday allowed Florian to climb to the top of the times and to foresee good opportunities for the 2 races to come.

The qualifying confirmed the potential from the first set of tyres with the best time of the laps. However, it is important not to let up because as usual the second set of tyres were favourable to everyone. Florian doesn't let it affect him and takes the lead. Unfortunately his second best time will not allow him to make a double. For only a few thousandths, he will start in second position for race 2.

Despite a good start, Florian loses the leadership of the race, overtaken by a competitor who stole the start. The latter will be sanctioned with a 5 second penalty but he keeps his place. After having tried to manage his second position and thinking that the penalty could give him the victory, Florian finally decides to attack. Very incisive, he managed to quickly overtake the leader and then escaped by more than two seconds until the Safety Car intervened. On the restart, Florian was disturbed by the large amount of gravel on the track and missed a braking manoeuvre which forced him to go through the escape route. He restarted in second position and kept it until the finish.

In race 2, Florian got off to another good start and took the lead at the first corner after a very heavy braking manoeuvre that caused him to flatten a front tyre and lose his power steering. He already knew that he couldn't win. Impossible to fight with the best. He loses 2 positions but still keeps the third step of the podium.

The solidarity and strength of the whole team are bearing fruit to make up for the delay at the beginning of the season. The double meeting in Monza for the PMSC is perfectly prepared. Florian will be able to aim for big points in what will be the last two races of this Championship.

Now it's time for the Supercup at the end of July in Budapest.

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After last weekend, which was difficult for the whole team, a lot of work was done by everyone during the week in order to have a better run for this second meeting in Spielberg. Still under the threat of the mountainous clouds of Styria but still with dry weather.

The traditional Friday practice session reassured everyone with the second fastest time, 32 thousandths of a second off the best time. Florian was perfectly positioned but as always in a test session all proportions are kept in mind regarding the state of the tyres used by everyone. However, the work was rewarded and the absence of testing on this circuit began to be forgotten.

The time trial starts perfect, Florian is in the first place with the first set of tyres but unfortunately 10 minutes later his time was cancelled. A marshal took a very severe and questionable decision. This obviously lead to a change of strategy for the second set of tyres as it was necessary to take no risks and to avoid the vibration as much as possible in order to avoid the limits of the track. Florian did not do too badly in the end, just over 3 tenths off the pace, but the competition was so strong that he ended up in 9th place.

After a good start, he kept his position after two restarts due to several competitors going off track. A three-way battle for sixth place ensued and Florian quickly got the upper hand. Following the overtaking of his two opponents, he had a free place in front and quickly overtakes the chasing group of the leaders. A new battle then began with a few laps to go, which allowed him to recover another place to finish 5th and the 3rd fastest time demonstrated the car's performance.

After last weekend's zero score, Florian is now only 12 points off the podium.

Back to the French Cup next weekend in Monza to prepare for the last Supercup event in September.

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On the weekend of the 26th and 27th June, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup was back for the second time since Monaco. The stifling heat and thunderstorms in the heart of the Austrian mountains did not disrupt the meeting.

The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is a fast circuit which traditionally has very little gaps between the competitors. It is therefore necessary to prepare the circuit well in order to not to be too far behind on the starting grid. Nevertheless, the team arrived in Styria without having done any testing compared to most of the teams, who had driven for several days and done races during the German Cup.

The practice run session was therefore crucial because Florian had no reference points with this new car and no data for his engineer. The raw result was not satisfactory to play in the front positions with 1 second on the best time and no possibility to improve, as this session shortened by a red flag and then a quarter of an hour under the rain.

Saturday's timed practice allowed us to see a small improvement on the first set of tyres and a nice improvement on the last run. Very good work from the cars' team and a good lap by Florian allowing him to place at 3 tenths of the pole and 40 hundredths of 4th place. He finally started seventh: an unexpected place the night before.

The race quickly turned into a nightmare for Florian. He made a good start and passed the first corner without any problems. The clearances on the circuit used by the drivers created long battles. Florian found himself under threat from one of the drivers, who moved to the side of his car on 3 turns, until he made contact with the driver who bit into the gravel of the pit at turn 4 and lost control of his car. The collision then became inevitable. Florian had to go back to the pits for a quick intervention from his team which allowed him to restart but with 2 laps behind. Florian nevertheless finished the race to collect data for next weekend.

This bad incident will push everyone to increase their energy for the 3rd round which will take place on the same Spielberg circuit.

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Third Porsche Carrera Cup France 2021 meeting, the SPA meeting took place under summer weather conditions with heavy thunderstorms which did not impact the program.

The three-week time off allowed the team to prepare the cars well and Florian to take a well-deserved break after a succession of three intense meetings. Friday's practice session showed this, even if the state of each of the drivers tires are still unknown.

As usual, Saturday started off with the qualifying . Following the storms from the previous night, the temperature conditions had changed and as a result, Florian had difficulties on the first set of tires. Benjamin, his engineer, quickly corrected the data and allowed Florian to get back into the swing of things on the second set of tires, obtaining two second places. The level of performance is confirmed for the Supercup scheduled for the end of August, as the reigning vice-champion of the race remains two places behind Florian.

During race 1, he had made a very good start but was disrupted by the leader's slipstreaming during the steep section and lost a position at the end of the straight stretch. Afterwards, he was forced to stop because he received a warning for not respecting the race lines. Nevertheless, he finished easily at 3rd position on the podium.

Race 2 was a replica of the previous one, but with Florian caught in a collision on the first lap, he had to finish the race with a damaged car, preventing him from repeating the level of performance he had achieved. Nevertheless, he managed to make up 4 positions to finish 5th thanks to various race events.

Still in the lead in the overall classification after this first half of the calendar, Florian now hopes to see success for the next circuits scheduled in July and October.

In the meantime, it's time for the Supercup next weekend, opening the Formula 1 on the Spielberg circuit.

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After the deadlock in the 2020 Championship, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup returned to Monaco this year for the opening round of the F1 Grand Prix. The temperatures weren’t scorching hot, but the 27 drivers had to deal with a dry track.

As with any city circuit, test runs are not possible, so they had to make the most of the allocated 40 minutes to get this new Porsche set up as well as possible. The traffic didn't allow us to be at the top of the time sheet but the work from the team discovering this track was very good and all the ingredients seemed to be there for a good performance.

With the first set of tires, Florian got the second fastest time but the car and the driving still need to be perfected because, as usual, it is the second set that will count. Florian was among the first and did a very good lap which confirmed his position of second at 57 thousandths from pole position. The first starting line seemed to be secured until a judge found a breach on the racing line. Everyone wonders how this is possible between the rails of Monaco but unfortunately it is necessary to see the evidence and accept the 6th starting position.

After the traditional day off on Saturday, it was time for the opening race of the Grand Prix. After having kept his place at the start, Florian could relax, as the race had stopped after a big accident in the middle of the group. After a 25 minute break, a second start was given, everything went well and Florian retained his position again. We have seen in previous weekends that it has become particularly difficult to overtake with this new car, but here in Monaco, it is almost impossible. Florian, faster than the car in front of him, tried to push his opponent in vain. He nevertheless managed to cross the finish line in 5th position after a driver in front of him retired.

We didn't win the Championship in Monaco, but we didn’t lose it. Florian scoring big points, has preserved all of his chances.

We now have three weeks of rest before returning to SPA for a round of the French Cup on 19th and 20th June.

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This May, the meetings have followed one another. After Magny-Cours, it was time to go to Paul Ricard on 15th and 16th May, with cloudy and cool weather for the season but that didn’t spare the competitors.


The two days of practice highlighted the teams very good performance and work, earning first place in three out of four sessions. The winter try outs and the start of the season in the French Championship enabled a very good preparation for the Supercup which is on the horizon.


On Saturday, was the timed trial. While all the indicators were green and the whole team was imagining the two poles, unfortunately the judges didn’t want it that way... After seeing his three fastest laps taken away, Florian was forced to resign himself to go around all the vibrators so that there was no possible suspicion. He managed to save the essential and obtain 3rd place on each of the starting grids.


The race performance was perfect but the second position start kept him from fighting with the leader. Florian nevertheless obtained second and third place in the rankings because one of the competitors in front of him was not registered in the Championship. In the process he overtook incredibly and was awarded two bonus points for the two best laps in the race.


During the Championship, he will take back two places and remains on the lookout for the leader while waiting for the next event in SPA on 19th and 20th June.


In the meantime, it's time for the Supercup next weekend in Monaco. Florian and all his team are ready for the big goal of the season.


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For this new season, the hostilities resumed on the Magny-Cours circuit with the Porsche Carrera Cup France championship on 7th and 8th May 2021. This year, Florian remains loyal to the CLRT team of Côme Ledogar and will once again take part in the French Championship and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. The new Porsche 992 has stirred things up between the drivers and teams, as all the previous achievements must be rebuilt. This first round allowed us to measure up the level of every drivers  performance.

The two free practice sessions on Thursday took place in wet conditions with particularly encouraging results. Nevertheless, very little information could be gathered to prepare for the weekend which took place on a dry track. Despite this, we will remember the performances and the quality of the set-ups put in place by the team for rainy meetings in the future.

Saturday morning qualifying was a single 30-minute session for both races. During this appearance, not one but two qualifying laps had to be completed for each of the two races. This year’s first qualifying session saw some good performances thanks to the winter preparation and the team’s hard work. Florian set the 3rd fastest starting time for each of the two races.

The start of race 1 was agitated and Florian lost two places in the first lap. The race pace was not fast enough to be seen as a threat and allow him to move up. He finished in 4th position. In race 2, Florian was 4th from the start. The performance on this race was much better but overtaking on this circuit was very complicated, Florian did not manage to regain a position despite his multiple attempts. In the end, the 4th and 3rd places were taken into account.

For the championship, Florian takes 3rd place at the end of the weekend in Magny Cours, on equal points with his teammate. The next race will take place on the Paul Ricard circuit on 15th and 16th May 2021.

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