PMSC MEXICO : A final with a bit of uncertainty

The Porsche Mobil1 Supercup had its 2019 finale on October 26th and 27th in Mexico City as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico. There were still 2 races for Florian was expected to keep his 5th place in the overall classification. The pilots ahead of him were already too far ahead to reasonably expect a breakthrough.

The logistics for this meeting being complicated, exceptionally all drivers are entitled to two sets of new tires for the test session to avoid crossing across the Atlantic tires of previous races as required by the rules for racing in Europe. This session is particularly good for Florian who is alone in the fight with Ammermüler in the first round. At the end of the session, Florian is still on the same rhythm but the red flag prevented him from materializing on the timeline. Regardless, the team is confident to push to the front.

The chrono session is all the more important at this meeting, as the two best times would be selected for the start of the 2 races. The right to make mistakes is therefore even less acceptable thank normal. With the track improving over the course of the session, it was important to finish well. Florian is, as the day before, in the right rhythm and a few minutes from the end, he was ready to complete his turn,  potentially guaranteeing the first spot or pole until a competitor of the PRO ranking -AM idling on the track revived despite a blue flag thus cutting Florian in his swing at 2 bends of the finish line. This same competitor would provoke a few seconds later, the interruption of the session with an exit of track obliging Florian to release also in what should have been his second chrono. In the end, it is the times achieved with the first turn would take Florian to 5th and 7th place, and thus destroying any hope of a podium placement.

The two races to follow then no longer have any true meaning. Florian then manages his position in the General Classification and in the uncontrolled cacophony by the sports commission, undergoes some actions of pilots hoping to grapble for places during these final laps. He will therefore rank 13th and 9th.

After his title of Vice-Champion of France with the Team RMS, it is a 5th place final of this world championship of Supercup with Team Fach Autotech for a season particularly well filled and finally quite successful.

Place now for reflection and negotiations for the 2020 program.

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PCCF PAUL RICARD : The title flies away for one point

Unhappy in the final, Florian missed by just one point of the title of French Champion. Before this last meeting at the Paul Ricard circuit, the situation was simple, Florian had to have the perfect weekend to make up the 5 points needed to catch the leader. Indeed, the 13 points lost at the first meeting of Nogaro due to a faulty car had been partially caught up during the season but the task was still very complicated given the very small point difference between each position.

In free practice, Florian and his opponent shared the top of the timesheets with little difference between them without giving hope to other competitors. They are on time and set the tone.

In official tests with a session for each of them on Friday, there were again only small differences promising their duel to be lively.

In the classic layout of the Porsche Carrera Cup France, Saturday is first devoted to qualifying with surprise guest, a wet track after a night of showers. In these conditions, you must be the last one on the track in order to benefit from a drying track. During his last visit, Florian is on pole but unlike his opponents, he will not benefit from an extra lap because he received the checkered first. For the benefit of this round, two of them managed to improve their time pushing Florian into third place.

A very good start allowed Florian to recover the 2nd place in the first corner. Regular and consistent early in the race, the gap remains stable until Florian manages to accelerate to cut the gap in half. At this point, the leader tried to accelerate but he made several mistakes that eventually destroyed his tires and forced him to give up. Florian only had to manage the last laps to win this race.

On Sunday, Florian had the 2nd position on the grid for the last race of the Championship with a simple equation: we must finish in the top 6. The very hectic start that would also lead to a Safetycar, will make Florain cautious therefore, losing 3 places. At the restart, he lost, for the same reasons, 2 additional places and then found himself 7th. No other solution than to double the Italian driver placed in front of him. What had to be a formality becomes a nightmare. The latter who did not play any ranking however defended his place by closing all the doors in a more or less correct way until the hanging sending Florian spinning. He then left 9th to finish in 8th place. This race fact ruins the hopes of Florian who will be only Vice-Champion of France 2019 for only 1 point behind.

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PCCF BARCELONE : Almost perfect copy...

Increasingly close to a perfect score, it is with 40 out of 44 possible points that Florian left the circuit of Barcelona this weekend of September 28th and 29th. He still tried to get closer to the leader of the Championship series and we certainly reserve this ideal score for the Finale Castelet ...

As at Magny-Cours, the practice sessions began on Thursday with free practice in which Florian was already the fastest on the board. Friday's official practice allowed Florian to be at the top of the timesheets, preceded by only a few drivers who had used new tires. The whole team orchestrated by Benjamin worked hard to provide the best car for Florian.

This meeting, organized within the Blancpain Series, the qualifying sessions were grouped in two 10-minute sessions with only 10 minutes break between the two, thus prohibiting any changes on the car. The two leaders are leading in these two sessions, but only a few thousanths of a second are missing from each of them for Florian to win the poles. The start of both races will have to be second place for each of them.

After two busy days in timing, Saturday was dedicated only to Race 1. It was therefore with a summer weather, as throughout the weekend, that the 30 drivers fought. It was thanks to a very good start that allowed Florian to attack the leader at the first corner, but unfortunately it would not be enough to take the leadership. Due to several skirmishes, the race will eventually be reduced to 4 laps without a Safety Car. Florian will manage to put a lot of pressure to grab the head but the checkerboard comes too fast to succeed in this attempt. He still got the bonus point of the best lap in the race with this second place.

For the Sunday race, it's exactly the same scenario, a very good start and an attack at the first corner that this time. Gradually, Florian takes off on the rest of his competitors and grapples to finish with a consistent lead and once again the fastest lap in the race. With these good results, Florian still nibbles a few points on the leader of the Championship and looks forward to the last two races at Castelet. With only 5 points behind him, Florian has the cards in hand to win the title at the Final on October 12th and 13th. 

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PCCF MAGNY-COURS : 1 victory and a podium

After the race at Magny-Cours, it is the status quo in the Championship. Florian and his main opponent each won a podium and the same number of bonus points. This weekend, the 14th and 15th of September, the circuit of Nièvre received the Porsche Carrera Cup France to resume the Championship after the summer break.

Having made no private tests with his team, Florian and RMS team benefit from the day of private tests organized by Porsche and the two series of official tests on Friday to make their adjustments. After some challenging beginnings, the work paid off and Florian finished at the top of the last session: a good omen for the times to come.

In Q1, he had a perfect lap and the pole of Race 1. At the beginning, there were no problems with a small but sufficient gap not to undergo an attack. Gradually, Florian accelerated and also pocketed the bonus of the fastest lap in the race. Following the violent exit of a competitor, the safety car intervened and in fact allowed everyone to regroup. Despite dangerous and incorrect behavior of the driver behind Florian, he managed a smart restart allowing him to create a gap in the first corner that he would keep until the finish. This is a second win in this Championship after leading from start to finish.

On Sunday in Q2, Florian is forced to slow his efforts in the lap that should have led him to the front of the grid following the red flag given by the race direction. He will have to start from 4th place. Thanks to a good start and some exchanges of positions, Florian maintained his place and let the storm pass. He puts pressure on the 3rd and eventually gained a place through a beautiful overtaking. He gradually joins the race leader and tried a few attacks that would not succeed. It will still be the third step of the podium finish.

In the overall standings, Florian has strengthened his position with now more than 20 points ahead of the third position and only 7 points behind the leader in the last four races.

For races 9 and 10, it will be a trip to the Barcelona circuit from 27th to 29th of September.

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PMSC MONZA : Not what we expected but difficult to do better


Monza, reputed to be the temple of speed, has unfortunately not been for Florian the weekend of September 7th and 8th. In lack of performance in straight lines, he has never been able to fight with the fastest.

The Porsche Mobil1 Supercup is a brand competition where all drivers have the same cars, but there are always differences. As tiny as these are, the infinite straight lines of Monza do not forgive at this level.

During the free practice session on Thursday, the setup was not perfect with variable weather conditions and totally different from private tests conducted three weeks earlier. Florian also did not get the maximum and the disappointing result in more than a second highlights at the data level the lack of performance of the engine. At the end of the endless straight line, it is almost 5 kilometers / hour that are missing compared to some of the competitors.

The work of Benjamin and Florian can significantly reduce the gap recorded the day before, but it is still not enough. In addition, on the second set of tires, traffic will disrupt Florian's progress on his fastest laps. The report is hard, it will start from the ninth position. For only 45 thousandths of a second, the TOP 5 would have been insured.

A big storm overnight will have no impact, the race is held on dry track. After a good start, Florian is forced to brake in the straight line because of the competitor who precedes him who pile dangerously and without reason. The material damage is minor but resulted obviously in lost places. The lack of technical difficulties of the circuit and therefore the slight deficit of the engine does not allow Florian to go back to the top of the race. He finally crosses the line in 9th position.

This result, which is not the one hoped for, still allows Florian to remain 5th in the General Classification before the last two races planned at the end of October in México.

Place now for the second part of the French Championship with Magny-Cours goal on 14 and 15 September.

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PMSC SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS : The essential remains despite new mechanical problems

After a short summer break, SPA hosted the seventh meeting of the Porsche Supercup from August 30th to September 1st, 2019. The famous « roller coaster of the Ardennes » with its often-capricious weather conditions, are a part of a track much appreciated by drivers.

The private tests organized by the team 3 weeks ago had unfortunately not been productive due to a gearbox failure and capricious weather. As a result, Florian and Benjamin relied heavily on Friday's official practice session to finalize their setup. New disappointment: a new mechanical problem in the car so it did not perform well with an eleventh-place finish.

It would finally be up to Benjamin and Arno all evening and a good part of the night to detect the problem and fix it: at least that's what the whole team was hoping for. From the first laps of the timed session, Florian found an operational car and a balance in the setup very promising despite the nothingness in the work upstream. However, Florian had to find his marks and confidence in such a short time while forgetting all the benchmarks of the previous day acquired with a totally different car. The two laps executed with the first set of tires allowed him to highlight the needed alterations. The first two sectors were perfect and placed Florian two tenths ahead of the pole. Unfortunately, a small error before the last lap relegates him in 7th position to 3 tenths of the best time.

The sad Sunday weather compared to previous days will have stressed everyone, but the track remained dry. After a good start, Florian negotiated perfectly the first passage and managed to surprise three of his opponents braking curves. One of them did not see him coming, he forces Florian to open the corner and pass in limited track in order to avoid the collision. In order to avoid any possible suspicion, he lets himself be ironed by the latter and thus recuperates 2 places compared to the departure. Subsequently, he gets closer to the race leader to finish 5th, less than a second from the 4th. Still in the TOP 5 Championship before Monza.

"It's pretty frustrating because I still had a mechanical problem that disrupted my practice session. From there, I went again in qualification without marks on the track and on my performance. I could not operate my first set of tires and therefore everything is played on a lap. This lack of reference pushed me to force on the 2nd train until the end of the tour whereas if I had known where I was, I would have assured the sector 3 and the first line that was offered to me. Then in the race I managed to save the essential thanks to a first round where I gained 2 places. I hope that Monza can work in good conditions so I can reach the podium. "

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PMSC BUDAPEST : And if it was time for some success

In the wake of the race in Hockenheim, the Hungarian meeting offered rain on Friday before the return of a dry track for Saturday and Sunday. The Hungaroring track is one of the most complicated in the Championship series because it is very technical, short and narrow, and makes it very difficult to overtake.

The free trial session will ultimately be uninteresting due to the wet conditions. It will still allow Florian a little training in extreme conditions, since he hadn’t seen them in about a year.

In timed practice, the asphalt was dry and everything was different: the settings of the car, driving, braking ... The first set of tires completed all these elements and Florian was ready to perform. 5 minutes from the end of the session, he left with the 2nd set of tires. The first two sectors were perfect, the beginning of the third was just as much, until the last corner, where a competitor in distress had a yellow flag and then the session was stopped. Florian's fine performance was therefore not counted and the first line that was promised turns into 8th place.

Thanks to a very good start and a remarkable first round, Florian gained 2 places. Still part of the group that fought for the third step of the podium, he continued to put pressure on the previous driver. In a race where passing is almost impossible, Florian takes 10 points from a sixth-place finish and finishes at 4 tenths of the third. The disappointment of the qualifications will remain because the crew was well armed when facing this race.

In the overall ranking, Florian remains in the Top 5 at just 5 points on the podium.

Next round at SPA, after the summer break, from August 30th to September 1st.

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PMSC HOCKENHEIM : The useless race!

The Porsche Supercup races are linked during this month of July. For the 5th round, Germany and the Hockenheim circuit welcomed the 32 drivers with the massive European heat wave on Friday.

Florian had scheduled test run on this track. It would, therefore, be best to optimize the 45 minutes of the free practice session because most of his opponents had already made two races during the German championships. In the end, despite the time cut by a red flag, the program prepared by Benjamin was doable. Everything was of course, not perfect in such a short time but the 7th place acquired at 4 tenths remains encouraging.

After qualifying in more than 40-degree heat, the qualifying round finally happened without the promised rain but with another 39-degree day. In these conditions, the second set of tires will be crucial with big improvements for everyone. Florian would be left in the traffic during his two rounds over hot days, but he manages to cut the line during his last lap in 5th place at 28 thousandths of the third.

The heat wave left room for storms and the race began under a gray sky but with a dry track. Despite a very good start where he gains a place, he is forced to abandon 3 positions at the first pin because of a competitor in distress. Placed then in 7th, after the first battles, it was necessary to wait a bit under the Safety Car so that the race can resume. At the restart, Florian gained a new place but again an interruption for a new collision while a few drops of rain began on part of the circuit. Florian then in 4th place patient behind the Safety Car. There are 4 minutes left to finish the competition, but the race director decides to stop the hostilities there. At this point, the regulation then provides that the official classification is before the entry of the Safety Car so in the 7th lap while we were in the 12th and because less than 50% of the race is taken into account, it does not become distributed in the standings.

This decision taken for a few drops of rain does not highlight the virtuoso drivers of wet and slippery tracks. The result of the race becomes irrelevant and the General Classification remains unchanged: no point being distributed.

Next meeting is on August 3rd and 4th in Budapest before the summer break.

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PMSC SILVERSTONE : First podium of the Supercup season

During the month of July, the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup races are linked together. After Austria, it was time for Silverstone in Great Britain in front of more than 300 000 spectators. The track welcomed the 4th round of the Championship on a circuit which the surface was recently entirely redone.

During the official tests in May, Florian and his team could not test properly because of a problem with the car that would be detected later. The specific restrictions imposed by the organization of the camber of cars did not help the situation. Nevertheless, the entire team worked hard throughout the session and Florian took the second fastest time on his last lap.

The rain threatened, but finally it would not disrupt the qualifying session. The completely redone track surface lead drivers to improve their times on the second set of tires. Florian makes a small mistake in his second pass which will cost him the pole position. He still maintained 2nd in the session at 70 hundredths of a second behind the winner.

Placed on the front row for the start of the race, Florian wouldn’t be able to do anything against the shotgun start of his teammate next to him. However, three laps later, he recovered his position thanks to a superb overtaking. Handicapped by the restriction of the camber on the chassis proper to this race, Florian could not fight with two of his opponents in these conditions. He nevertheless crossed the finish line in third place for a well-deserved podium for himself and the entire team.

This very good result puts Florian in 4th place in the General Classification before the Hockenheim and Budapest series at the end of July.

"I did not have a good start and when I was able to take 2nd place, Guven was already too far away. In addition, Andlauer had a car over everyone this weekend so I could not do better than this result which puts me, in spite of everything, in the Top 5 of the Championship. "

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PMSC SPIELBERG : lesson learned – don’t give in and results in a nice 5th place

It was in the heart of the Austrian mountains that the 3rd round of the Porsche Supercup Championship was held from June 28th to 30th at the Spielberg circuit, stronghold of Red Bull. The track had to be physically ready because as everywhere in Europe, the drivers arrived in the midst of a major heatwave for the 3 days of competition.

This race started poorly for Florian due to a persistent oil leak that would prevent him from working and performing throughout the free practice session. These incessant projections on the disks, plates and tires on the left rear made it impossible to carry out the test program planned by Benjamin, Florian's engineer. In all the curves to the right, the car behaved like on a wet track.

Starting with the qualifying session on Saturday and with the first set of tires, Florian could not do better than 24th with an unsuitable setup. The feedback on the driving made Benjamin react in the best way with a new setup calculated in urgency and set up by the mechanics of the Fach Auto Tech. Florian started again at 5 minutes from the end of the session with a new car on which he would only have only one lap to appreciate the behavior and establish a respectable chrono. The pressure did not get the better of him, he completed this crucial lap in 7th position just over 3 tenths of the pole.

The goal for the race became to enter the TOP 5. A correct start allowed Florian to maintain his position at the first corner. The fight during the first laps was severe and had a positive result with a gain of 2 places before Pedersen allowed himself to overtake Florian outside the limits of the track. The sports commission will put everyone back to their original position but unfortunately Florian will not be able to fight for the places in front, delayed and blocked by this indelicate situation when he had the performance to gain at least one more place.

This 5th place at the finish nevertheless makes it possible to grapple a little more in the General Classification and remains very encouraging with the views of the margin of progress still possible when all the wheels of this new association (pilot - engineer - team) will be perfectly aligned.

Next stop, Silverstone from July 12th to 14th.

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PCCF MISANO : Efficient weekend with a podium placement and a win!

As part of the DTM, Misano is the meeting point on 8th and 9th June for the 3rd meeting of the France Cup which will mark the middle of the season. The scorching weather of this seaside city played a significant role for both drivers and cars.

The two practice sessions on Friday were perfectly mastered with the best time in the first session and in the second session when it was dedicated to a relay race.

The work of the head engineer and the mechanics was perfect.

A good start in Race 1 allowed Florian to maintain his position, then he started to get a little bit off course with his pursuers until the appearance of the safety car. A perfect restart left his nearest opponent on the spot but a technical problem with his car, put him in difficulty. He must fight to the end without making any further mistakes in order to compensate for the problems encountered in the left turns due to a faulty damper. He still retains first place and victory after a nearly perfect race.

For the second day, Florian left the start with new shocks and a setup that unfortunately could not be completely mastered. The car performs well but less efficient than the day before. He finished the qualifying session at 93 thousandths of a second of the best time but unfortunately it would only put him in 4th place.

The start in Race 2 was decent and Florian kept his position. The lax leadership of the race will leave the opportunity for some disrespectful drivers to enjoy significant benefits by not respecting the limits. Florian will pay for it quickly during this 2nd race and will have to drop a position. He had the performance to be able to go back to the top of the race but impossible to pass the other competitors when you respect the rules, against opponents who are not advised and not sanctioned. Still, a few laps from the finish, Florian took part in a race with great intelligence to take the 3rd place and finish a second time on the podium.

First Saturday and then Sunday, Florian showed an effective and fruitful weekend. Despite the big problems encountered during the first meeting, he took the second place in the General Classification at only 4 points from the leader and with a significant lead over the pursuers.

Now, it's time for the Supercup at the end of June to open the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring circuit.

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PMSC MONACO : Close to the wall and also to the podium

On this weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix from May 23rd to 26th, we discovered the incredible atmosphere of the Porsche Supercup. The 28 cars are placed inside the international circus tent of the Monte-Carlo. This special atmosphere is also for hospitality in the botanical garden next to a lake.

Among all the peculiarities of Monaco, Saturday is a day without activity. Free practice runs on Thursday afternoon. With only 1 race on this special track, Florian must reclaim all the specifics of his car with his team. The session ends in 5th position which was very encouraging. The car was perfect as it has been throughout the weekend thanks to the entire Fach Auto Tech team and its engineer Benjamin FLOCH.

The qualifying session that took place on Friday morning, had the pace set because of the rain that fell the night before. This circuit in the narrow and winding streets of Monaco leaves no possibility of approximation. Finally, at 10am, some areas were still wet. It will therefore require risks to figure out the track without going too far not to make mistakes, because the track will eventually be perfectly dry for the last laps. Many drivers like Florian were still struggling to get pole positions when 3 simultaneous incidents lead the race director to put the red flag and a final term to the session. It will finally be the 4th position for the start of the race.

Like qualifying, the start in Monaco is essential. It's so hard to pass, if not impossible, without a driver error in front of you, and it’s nearly impossible to gain ground. Finally, Florian almost managed this by coming into 3rd place thanks to a very good move. But due to the narrowness of the 1st corner, he would retain 4th place at the end of the race.

After the half-hearted debut in Barcelona, this result allows Florian to get back into the rankings.

Change of scenery for the next race with return to the Porsche Carrera Cup France for the round in Misano (Italy) from June 7th to 9th.

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PMSC BARCELONE : The beginning of a complicated championship

The races held over the weekend of May 10th to 12th in Barcelona marked the return of Formula 1 in Europe, but also was the kick-off of the season of Porsche Mobil1 Supercup.

After the official tests organized on the same track 3 weeks ago, the teams found themselves back in spring weather conditions so that they could get a great start to this new season.

The limited format of the Supercup, therefore allowed only 45 minutes of free practice to each racer to complete any last-minute changes to his car. This session confirmed that Florian was in the running in 4th place. He is reassured, his car was perfectly prepared by Fach Auto Tech.

Unfortunately, on Saturday for the qualifying session, nothing went well. Florian used a strategy based on the previous years’ experience with his opponents. It was finally a poor choice because the best times are going to be in the first few minutes when usually they are done in the last laps. In addition, a concern in the differential disrupts the performance of the car. The team did everything on the second set of tires to try to compensate but it would not be enough. Only among the first 10 to improve on this second train, Florian finally ranks 9th.

Starting in the middle of the pack is often hectic. This will be the case again in the first corner where Florian will manage to avoid the collision but at the expense of 3 lost places. At the restart after the Safety Car, he maintained his position and finished the 14 laps in 12th place without being able to find a solution to go up the rankings.

This first disappointing result of the season allowed us all the same to unite the entire team to come back stronger on the next races.

Placed in 11th position of the General Classification, Florian will launch his comeback at the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of May.

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PCCF SPA : The right move for the championship

The second round of the Porsche Carrera Cup France took place at SPA Francorchamps on May 3rd and 4th at the WEC round. The spring weather from the beginning of the season quickly gave way to the cold with rain, hail and snow.

After two weeks of hard work in the RMS workshops, the day of free practice was aimed at ensuring that the technical problems encountered in Nogaro had all been found and resolved. Even after the regulation limiting new tires, Florian thought to have found a healthy and well-balanced car at the end of the day of Thursday. However, it was still necessary to await the verdict of Friday during the session chrono.

The return of winter was already announced before the qualifying session. Temperatures fell but the conditions remained dry. Particularity of this meeting, the 2 races are separated only by 5 minutes. With 36 cars on the circuit, Florian chose to leave early in the session. He assured a first time, then in the second round quickly improved in the first 2 sections before being embarrassed in the 3rd. This would still be enough for the pole position. In the second session, he took the lead also in the first lap with more than 4 tenths ahead and then remained on the track in slow motion in case it would restart another turn but the second pole was already assured, nobody will do better.

For the Friday afternoon race 1, the team hesitated between rain or no rain. Finally deciding to start on slick tires was perfect for Florian who quickly dug in to take an interesting gap that will melt away with the arrival of the Safety Car. As the rain began to invade, the careful restart did not allow him to keep his 1st place. He then assured 2nd place until the finish and also gave himself the bonus point of the fastest lap in the race.

In Race 2, the start is given under Safety Car during 2 laps because of the particularly complicated conditions. The track was wet but drying regardless of the snowy surroundings. The restart was perfect this time but a few turns later, he was savagely attacked by his main competitor in the championship who lost control of his car and fell behind. Florian still maintained his position and his car on the track then managed his race to earn a maximum of points in the standings. Finishing 4th, he took almost half of the points lost at Nogaro.

Next championship race is in France on the 7th and 9th of June in Misano. Before that, the  Supercup championship begins on the 11th and 12th of May in Barcelona.

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 PCCF NOGARO : teamwork and results - committed to the top


The first meeting of the Porsche Carrera Cup France took place during the famous Easter races on the Nogaro circuit from the 20th to 22nd of April. Florian returned to this competition this year to prepare for the best Supercup Championship where he hopes this year, to have fantastic results.

Yannick MALLEGOL and his RMS structure took over the future of Florian for this new season and with the contribution in Supercup structure FACH AUTO TECH, we can expect great results. Benjamin FLOCH will also be involved in the engineering of the entire program.

The first two days of Nogaro were therefore devoted to the tests to begin the French Championship of the Porsche Carrera Cup. The lack of tests during the winter, will highlight several technical problems that will handicap Florian and the entire team throughout the weekend. RMS mechanics and engineers are going to do a lot of work to take up the challenge, but it wasn’t enough to compete on a level playing field with the top of the competition.

After the ups and downs on the various timesheets in free practice, came the first time trial. Florian managed to make the most of his engine and took 3rd place on the starting grid. During Race 1, he started perfectly but could only fight for the lead for a short time. Despite this lack of performance, he maintained a 3rd place finish.

The whole team redoubled their efforts for the second day but unfortunately it did not bring any results. The second time trial will not allow Florian to do better than 6th. At the end of Race 2, Florian managed a superb start and got the 5th place. He then managed to stay close to 3rd place but this lack of recurring performance throughout the weekend would deprive him of trying to get a better placement.

These results, which will only continue to improve, still allow Florian to take 3rd place in the General Classification before the next Spa Francorchamps meeting.

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