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French Monotype Championship Porsche 911 GT3 CUP pilot for A (professional) and B (Gentlemen Drivers)

Porsche Centers: a team of true enthusiasts at the service of the customer and representing the Porsche brand.
In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, you will meet professionals at your service, meeting your needs at the workshop level as well as in the spare parts department.
The workshops based in Montpellier in the Hérault region, enabled the technicians and engineers to prepare the best PORSCHE possible for the championships of France and Europe.

Founded in 2008 by Philippe ALMERAS and Jean Pierre Champeau, and in collaboration the PORSCHE brand, PRO GT is directly in line with the company PORSCHE ALMERAS. PRO GT is part of PORSCHE and here, of the ALMERAS family, as the most extreme entity on the competition circuit with the latest technologies from the German firm.

Pierre Martinet, delicatessen caterer, proposes gourmet, high quality products. The know-how of Pierre Martinet: combine products to the best of their tastes, as a chef in his kitchen.


French manufacturer of tires for the automotive, aviation, competition ....
Restaurant services, washing and cleaning.
An extra voice for business catering!
Business specialised in custom made joinery.

English for the whole family:

Children, teenagers, students, parents, seniors ...

Carpentry, wood and PVC for all types of public and private sites

Training centre, whose aims are to alternate training and education for youths and adults as well as helping with social and professional setting up.
French Federation of Automobile Sports
Layout and joinery. Custom made for offices, shops and the general public.
The Regional Sports Committee of Aquitaine
The Asac organises competitive events in motor sports and in particular, the Autmobile Grand-Prix Automobile, on the Pau city circuit.